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Tell us about your way of working with chronic pain and win!

Closing date for receiving your submission is 31 August 2016

Active Citizenship Network, read more and form to participate ...

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14 t/m 17 mei 2015, Nice, Frankrijk

5th International Congress on Neuropathic Pain, read more ...

2 t/m 5 september 2015, Wenen, Oostenrijk

9th Congress of the European Pain Federation EFIC, read more ...

2 t/m 4 oktober 2015, Rotterdam, Nederland

22nd Annual Conference Dystonia Europe, read more ...

14 t/m 17 oktober 2015, Mannheim, Duitsland

Deutscher Schmerzkongress (IASP chapter), read more ...

All Pain-Related Meetings (IASP-listed)

At IASP we strive to keep our members and the public informed about what's happening in the world of pain research and treatment.

Below, you will find a list of pain-related conferences, symposia, seminars, workshops, and educational programs taking place all around the world.

Choose a region from the left-hand menu to see meetings taking place in that region only.

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